Ford Crestline Victoria
The Mileage Maker


Ford Crestline Victoria V-8 Engine, the model year 1952, version for North America U.S. It is RWD (rear-wheel drive) manual 3-speed gearbox. The gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 3923 cm3 / 239.4 cui, with the power specifications: 82 kW / 110 hp / 112 PS ( SAE ), torque: 263 Nm / 194 lb-ft, more data: 1952 Ford Crestline Victoria V-8 Horsepower/Torque Curve.

The year 1954 was a significant year in sales for the Ford Motor Company and its line of passenger cars. The big news, however, was the introduction of Ford’s overhead-valve V-8 engine sporting 130 horsepower. The new innovation replaced the old flathead engine. Ford added several new models to its current line of cars, and the auto giant introduced the new models to the public in the January month. American motorists at the time were very happy with the 1954 Ford model line although the body designs were a restyled version of the 1952 and 1953 Ford models.

Ford also offered many great and distinctive station wagon models. The models that were available were the Ranch wagons along with the Mainline and Customline models and Country Squire and Country sedan which were the top of the line models for 1954. For the Ford interiors in 1954, Ford had offered the Astra-Dial control Panel. The Astra-Dial panel was mounted on top of the control panel at eye level for easier reading and greater safety for the driver.

On color choices for 1954 Ford models, the consumer had a choice of thirteen solid exterior colors and thirteen two-tone combinations were available that year. For example, the consumer could order great-looking colors like Glacier Blue, Cameo Coral or Sandalwood Tan, which were all popular colors for 1954. Twenty-three upholstery combinations including broadcloth vinyls along with woven plastics were offered for the consumer market as well.


Engine‎: ‎215 CID (3.5 L) ‎OHV‎ ‎I6‎; 239 CID (3.9 L) Production‎: ‎1952–1954 Wheelbase‎: ‎115 in (2,921 mm) Height‎: ‎62.1 in (1,577 mm)