Chevrolet rated to handle 150 HP, a two-speed Power glide automatic was used for its overall performances. It is an inline-six engine with 0–60 mph (0–97 km/h) time was 11.5 seconds. It is available both in 3 speed and 4-speed manual gearbox which makes it speedster.

Aluminum radiators were installed on 270 horsepower and 290 horsepower Corvettes. The aluminum head engines that were advertised as code “DH” were too hard to manufacture and did not make it into the main production run. All engines except the base included cast alloy valve covers with 7 fins. The base engine included plain painted steel valve covers with the Chevrolet script.

The front sway bar had an increase in diameter and a new rear sway bar was added to improve the handling of the car. Also, a new aluminum clutch housing reduced the weight of the car by 18 pounds. All 1960 Corvettes with fuel injection required manual transmission, earlier models allowed an automatic with the lower horsepower fuel injected engines. Fifteen of the 1960 production run were non-standard colors or primer. The passenger grab bar and storage bin from the previous year are still included.


Vehicle SpecificationsConvertible
Wheelbase, inches102.0
Length, inches167.0
Width, inches72.2
Track, inchesfront: 57.0 rear: 59.0