Bugatti Type 50
The Fastest Vintage car


Type 50 is driven by an 8-cylinder inline 4972cm cube developing 225 hp at 4000 revs/min with a top speed of 180 at 200 km/h.

Bugatti’s Type 50 borrowed most of its traits from the luxurious Type 46 and improved the design in many important ways. So much so, the Type 50 cost almost double the price of its predecessor and both were offered at the same time. Naturally only the best bodies were fixed to the Type 50 which in many ways was the forerunner to the Type 41 Royale. Like the Type 46, the Type 50’s main feature was its one-piece engine which was actually reduced incapacity to accept a unique DOHC cylinder head. This was to provide clearance for the twin-cam setup which was borrowed from Miller and first used on Type 51 Grand Prix car.
With its hemispherical combustion chambers, high compression ratio and short stroke, the Type 50 could reach high enough rpm to produce 200 bhp. This was an astonishing figure that was only matched by the Duesenberg SJ in its time. Bodystyles for the Type 50 were diverse and usually matched the chassis high price and specification.

Each car was sold as a rolling chassis and bodied by either Bugatti or a design house of the customer’s opinion. In either case, many used the same radiator and hood that provided. One of the most clear-cut and dramatic bodies fitted to the Type 50 was the Coupe Profile which used a raked windscreen and sweeping two-tone paint job to great effect.


Displacement4972 cc / 303.4 in³
Bore86 mm / 3.39 in
Stroke107 mm / 4.21 in
Power149.1 kW / 200 bhp