Special Events

Vintage Classic cars Collage

Here is the list of events in which Vintage and Classic cars are part of one’s lifetime event which needs to be grand to be remembered throughout our entire life.


Elegant wedding car
Decorated Wedding Car

A memorable wedding is the best living memory each one of us has. To make up the wedding ceremony a grand event there shall be a vintage car.

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary stills

Make use of vintage model cars to relive a part of your wedding day each year.

Movie shooting

Movie Shoots

Built-in cars with stylish looks suited for perfect stunt or race scenes particularly used in action-oriented movies.

Photo Sessions

A perfect Photo Session

Collection of Vintage and classic cars in albums and blog pages would help us relive the past events with our loved ones.

Corporate Events

Range of classic cars in Corporate Events

Vintage and classic cars are the best choice for making an impression to an investor or a visitor and thereby making it a wonderful event.

Racing Events

Speedy vintage car

The powerful V-16 Engine in vintage and classic cars are used now for organizing racing events and exhibitions.